During the autumn term, we explored friendships. Our first topic was ‘Do you want to be my friend?’ We enjoyed doing circle time activities and learning good social skills. Our second topic is ‘Why do Squirrel’s hide their nuts?’ We will explore autumn weather and learn about seasonal changes. We will explore why leaves change colour and fall off trees. We will also think about the types of animals that we see in the autumn and do lots of exciting related craft activities such as building a nest for a Squirrel with Bub the artist.

In English, our focus story will be ‘Squirrel’s Busy Day’. In morning registration and throughout the school day, we will also enjoy reading a wide variety of books. As well as this, we will sing rhymes and songs daily to help with our phonics. We are using Letters and Sounds, Phase 1, listening to songs, rhymes, environmental and instrumental sounds with the aim of orally blending CVC words when we are ready. The children will also practice recognising or writing their name.

In Maths lessons, we will continue to focus upon counting and recognising numerals and quantities. We will enjoy listening to number rhyme songs and practice adding if we are ready. We will also learn about shapes and their features, big and little and use simple money in our role play; playing shops and pretending that we are visiting a café.

We are also looking forward to celebrating Christmas and have lots of great activities planned. We are going to focus on the books ‘Dear Santa’ and ‘Santa’s Big Night’.

Please see below for an overview of the Y1 and Y2 curriculum.

Hanna's autumn topic web
Y1 and Y2 curriculum overview
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