During the Spring term, we will be exploring toys as our new topic is ‘Can I switch it on?’. We will explore interactive cause and effect toys and use switches to activate them. We will explore our favourite toys and will be hosting a show and tell day. The children can bring in their favourite toys and share them with their friends. We will also explore old and new toys! To help us do this, our teachers will bring in their childhood toys for us to explore. As the weather starts to brighten and the winter season finishes, we will begin to explore the spring weather and do related activities in Spring 2.

In English, our focus stories will be ‘The Little Engine that Could’ and ‘Harry and the Robots’. As we did in the Autumn term, we will continue to explore a variety of books. We will also sing rhymes and songs daily to help with our phonics. We will continue to use Letters and Sounds, Phase 1. This will include listening to songs, rhymes, environmental and instrumental sounds with the aim of orally blending CVC words when we are ready. The children will also practice recognising or writing their name. To help our mark making and writing skills, we will be doing ‘Squiggle While we Wiggle’ daily. We enjoy music and making movements to it. We will also begin Yoga sessions to help build our core strength and to help us relax. Our P.E session will also help us to build our core strength as we will continue to practice our balance and coordination skills. 

In Maths lessons, we will continue to focus upon counting and recognising numerals and quantities. We will enjoy listening to number rhyme songs and practice adding if we are ready. We will also focus on colour sorting and sorting objects by criteria. We will continue to learn about shapes and their features, big and little and use simple money in our role play; playing shops and pretending that we are visiting a café. 

We will also enjoy a variety art activities using a range of medias. We will be using Attention Autism too, to help build our attention, listening and independence skills.

Please see below for an overview of the Y1 and Y2 curriculum.

Sarah's autumn topic web
Spring topic web
Y1 and Y2 curriculum overview
Activity passport 2019 - 2020
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