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Section 10 Consultation

Section 10 Consultation



•The purpose of this report is, as required by the Department for Education (DfE), to provide full information about the statutorily required Section 10 consultation on Tees Valley Education Trust (TVED)’s proposal to open Discovery Special Academy as a free school.

•The main purpose of this consultation was to consult with key stakeholders and interested parties on whether TVED should enter into the arrangement with the Secretary of State (SoS). The arrangement in question is the funding agreement (FA) that needs to be signed by the SoS and the trust before the school can open.

•The consultation also took the opportunity to provide information to stakeholders about the proposed vision and key proposals for the special academy and invited responses to this information and to any equalities issues about which there may be concerns or questions. A copy of the consultation questionnaire is appended to this report.

•This consultation did not specifically ask for responses about the proposed site for the new school. This is not the purpose of the Section 10 consultation and, at the time of the consultation period, the permanent site for Discovery had not yet been identified and agreed. Consultation on the proposed site will take place as part of the planning permission process once this site has been agreed.

•The consultation took place from January 8th until February 5th 2018. This report therefore details the consultation process, the number and content of the responses received and how TVED has responded to these consultation questions.

•A copy of this consultation report has been published on the Discovery Special Academy web site. See document attached below.