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We're really looking forward to working in your lovely school and supporting your wonderful pupils.

-Scott, NHS Eyecare Service

Thanks so much for taking the time to show us round - your school has such a lovely feel to it and we can’t wait to get started.

-Emma, NHS Eyecare Service

"You are fun, kind and always have my back. If it wasn’t for you my dinner times would be so boring. A big thanks to the staff for making sure all the kids were safe at all times and the children always made sure I wasn’t being boring by telling me what to play. Through discovery we grow."

- Discovery Playtime Buddy from Brambles Primary Academy

I have enjoyed seeing the relationships that the staff build with every child, how personal everything is too each child to get the most from everyday.

-Trainee Teacher

"To all teachers and staff. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter."

- Parent

"Very impressed with the energy and passion of the staff! Very dedicated team."

- Dance Teacher

"We’ve noticed our son’s progress since he’s been here. He’s speaking in longer sentences and we don’t have as many melt downs. Well done team!"

- Parent

Ambition and high expectations are in evidence throughout the academy and children, staff and families have risen to this challenge.

-IQM Assessor

Discovery is a very friendly person centered school where every member of staff is passionate about meeting the needs of every child and progressing them onto their future.

-Trainee Teacher

Photographs in classrooms and corridors capture children deeply engaged in their learning and wider experiences.

-IQM Assessor

"I am really pleased with the progress my son has made since attending Discovery, he has come on in leaps and bounds and looks forward to going to school on a morning."

- Parent

"The staff at the academy do an amazing job. My son has come on so much in just his first term here."

- Parent

Celebration assembly demonstrated the flexible, responsive approach and the family spirit.

-IQM Assessor

"I cannot praise them enough. Every member of staff we have come across has been amazing, The best school by far for children with special/complex needs."

- Parent

The children are blessed to have staff like that. All they want is for your child to succeed.


I had the best day. The kids are gorgeous and the teachers and staff are so organised, just perfect. Just how it should be!

-Supply Teacher

I think it is lovely how each staff member understands each child. There is an amazing atmosphere and the environment is key.

-Trainee Teacher

The staff at Discovery genuinely care about their students well-being and their happiness and that shines through


I wouldn’t have my child anywhere else, we all love Discovery


I love how much my child has come on since joining Discovery


Discovery Special Academy is an amazing school, it caters for children and their individual specific needs with that extra caring touch


She loves going to school and the progress she has made is fantastic, the communication and support is brilliant for not only my child but as a family too


The school is amazing and before my son attended he couldn’t do all the things he can now, and as a Dad I am very happy


The relationship between the staff and pupils is kind, caring and patient. The staff go above and beyond to cater to every child's needs.

-Trainee Teacher

I couldn’t be happier with my child’s progress since starting at Discovery


When we started visiting Discovery Academy with our dogs we weren't sure what to expect or how the dogs would take to it. The staff have been so lovely and welcoming. The reaction of the children has been amazing. The school is totally inspirational. Each week when we drive away we know we have made a difference to those children's lives and are very proud of our dogs.

-Lynne and Paul (Therapy Dogs Nationwide)

My son is learning new things everyday.


I honestly cant' thank the staff enough, they are all amazing.


Well that was an amazing session. We were both blown away by the children, staff and school.

-Lynne (Therapy Dogs Nationwide)

It is clear at Discovery that the adults and children have mutual respect and adoration for each other

-Trainee Teacher

Every day when I drop my child off and pick him up I see all of the staff smiling, the children are all smiling, staff and children are interacting with each other so lovely, everybody who I speak to is so kind and helpful and I can see the love and care that everyone has for the children, I am so happy that my child comes to this school.


Dave and I really enjoyed teaching the children. All the classes were happy and well mannered with some good swimmers too. Staff were very professional at all times and that showed in the children's ability to learn. We hope that you enjoyed the lessons and would love to see you back in September.

-Dave and Dianne (Ashgrove Lodge)

Discovery Blog 28.01.22

Look at what Cheryl’s Class have been doing this week!

This week Cheryl’s class have been learning about 2d shapes. We have been looking at circles, squares, triangles and rectangles and completing activities linked to the different shapes. We have explored what they feel like, matched and made pictures with the different shapes. 

Dates for Diaries

Year 6 Swimming Monday 31st January and Wednesday 2nd February

Explorer of the Week

Reception- Miles, for excellent number recognition

Cheryl’s Class- Elsie, for using her voice communicate more

Leanne’s Class- Abdul, for being an absolute star and joining in with everything

Zahida’s Class- Jahmiah, for being eager to learn and engaging in activities

Chris’ Class- Sihem, for working hard to understand the initial concept of addition

Hanna’s Class- Bella, for lovely talking and putting her hearing aids in independently!

Grace’s Class- Jacob, for remembering to stop, look, listen, think when crossing the road

Michelle’s Class- Simrah, for showing resilience in her writing

Proud to be part of Tees Valley Education

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