Academy Gallery 2020/2021

Chris’ Class- Play

Becky’s Class- Olympics

Becky’s Class- Exploring the new Climbing Frame

Michelle’s Class- New Playground Games

Michelle’s Class- Refugee Week


Zahida’s Class- Forest School

Leanne’s Class- Visit to the Park

Grace and Michelle’s Class- PE

Leanne’s Class- Visit to Redcar Beach

Becky’s Class-Outdoor Learning

Grace’s Class- Plants

Grace’s Class-Computing/Programming

Grace’s Class- The Snail and the Whale

Becky’s Class- Music

Becky’s Class- We love to read

Becky’s Class- Messy Play

Becky’s Class- Having fun in the Sun

Michelle’s class- Visit to St. Nicholas Church

Becky’s Class- Building and Sorting Colours

Becky’s Class- Mark Making

Hanna’s Class- Trooping of the Colour

Hanna’s Class- Pebble Painting

Hanna’s Class-Shell Painting

Zahida’s Class-Painting Rocks in Forest School

World Environment Day

Hanna’s and Zahida’s- VE Day

Discovery SALT Interventions

Discovery AAC

Zahida’s Class- Maths

Zahida’s Class- Eid

Zahida’s Class- Science

Zahida’s Class- Music

Zahida’s Class-PE

Zahida’s Class- Art

Hanna’s Class- Eid

Hanna’s Class- Guisborough Priory

Hanna’s Class- Colour Mixing

Hanna’s Class- Stained Class Windows

Hanna’s Class- Feeling Apples

Hanna’s Class- Clay Flower Prints

Leanne’s Class- More Fun in the Garden

Leanne’s Class-More Fun in the Classroom

Leanne’s Class-Music

Leanne’s Class-Busy in the Garden

Leanne’s Class- Busy in the New Classroom

Leanne’s Class- Eid

Leanne’s Class- Mrs Mopples Washing Line

Chris’ Class-Play

Chris’ Class- Painting

Grace’s Class- Rain Again!

Grace’s Class- Eid

Michelle’s Class-Eid

Tracy’s Class- Eid

Grace’s Class- Soap Carving

Grace’s Class- Stewart’s Park

Hanna’s Class- Fruit Tasting

Hanna’s Class- Meadow Pictures

Hanna’s Class- Vegetable Dig and Taste

Grace’s Class- Art Kinaesthetic Sculptures and Paper sculptures

Grace’s Class- Geography Spring

Hanna’s Class- Special Places

Hanna’s Class- Sensory Flower Art

Hanna’s Class- Flower Hunt

Hanna’s Class-Easter

Michelle’s Class- Outdoor Learning Maths

Michelle’s Class- Making Sculptures

Chris’ Class

Grace’s Class- Healthy Minds

Grace’s Class- The Start Studio Artist Session

Grace’s Class- Geography

Michelle’s Class- Holi

Michelle’s Class- Easter Eggs

Tracy’s Class- Easter Eggs

Grace’s Class- Easter Egg Hunt

Grace’s Class- Exploring more maps

Grace’s Class- PE

Tracy’s Class- Comic Relief

Grace’s Class- History Captain Cook

Michelle’s Class- Comic Relief

Leanne’s Class- Comic Relief

Grace’s Class-Comic Relief

Hanna’s Class- Art

Michelle’s Class- School Council Vote

Chris and Leanne Class- World Book Day

Michelle’s Class- World Book Day

Grace’s Class- World Book Day

Zahida’s Class- World Book Day

Becky’s Class- World Book Day


Design and Technology

Michelle’s Class Outdoor Learning



Exploring Maps

Grace- PE

Leanne’s Bubble Jan 2021

Michelle’s Bubble Spring 2021

Winter Lanterns


Outdoor Kitchen

Frost Exploration

Forest School

Art Sculptures

Y3 Hannukah

Y1/2 Reading, Writing and Maths

Christmas Tree Decorating 2020

Christmas 2020

Food Bank Collection

Y3 Exploring Textures


New Playground Equipment

Diwali Workshop

Y4/Y5 Troll

Remembrance Day

Happiness Boxes

Y4/5 Art

Y3 Art

Inclusive Sport Festival

Remembrance day 2019

Chinese New Year

Christmas 2019

Garden Center Visit 2019

Ice Festival 2019

Becky’s Class Christmas 2019

Paul Hamlyn Project 2018 – 2019

Becky’s class Pendragon


Children in Need 2019

Forest School

Ice Festival

Visit from Santa 2018

Eid Celebrations

Summer 2019 Building Work

Discovery Images

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Tees Valley Education