The Junior Leadership Team are elected by the students to act as representatives for the students.  They meet regularly with a member of staff to discuss issues that are important to the students and to raise ideas for the future.  All the students know that if they talk to a member of the JLT about something, then it will be passed onto staff and explored thoroughly.

Currently, the JLT are working on a “Pupil Page” that will go live on the Discovery Academy Website.

Pupil Page

As part of working on an Every Voice Matters Project with Middlesbrough, the pupils identified that they would like to have a web page on the academy website.  We talked through the process and decided that the Junior Leadership Team would be best placed to collect ideas from the other students and then put together a rough draft of what topics to include.  Once they had decided on the topics, they then went back to the students for information to include.  This is the result of all the hard work.  We are looking at ways to improve it even further, by including pictures.

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