Pupil Premium

Our key objective in using pupil premium funding is to ensure best progress for all pupils and close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their non-disadvantaged peers.

Discovery Special Academy is part of Tees Valley Education (TVE) Multi-Academy Trust. It is a new specialist provision for pupils with severe learning difficulties.  We are located in east Middlesbrough with children accessing the provision from across the Tees Valley.

At Discovery Special Academy, pupils’ needs are met through a multi-agency, collaborative approach using joint commissioning of services to provide a holistic establishment with the support of local stakeholders. Therefore, the principles of the Discovery Special Academy are to achieve excellence and enjoyment for all by building a learning community that ensures all pupils are well supported, can reach their personal potential and are equipped with the necessary life skills they need to ensure that they become effective citizens of the 21st century. Discovery and TVED’s strongly developed inclusive ethos ensures pupils thrive on success and are accepted regardless of faith, race, gender, ethnicity or learning needs.  

In order to ensure the best possible opportunities for all pupils attending Discovery, we actively breakdown  barriers to enable ALL of our children to participate in all activities and therefore make best progress, regardless of their social and economic status or family circumstances. We are committed to ensuring pupil premium funding is spent to maximum effect

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