Preparing for adulthood

The themes of preparing for adulthood underpin all aspects of the curriculum as we advocate equal life chances for all pupils as they move into adulthood.  

Preparing for adulthood means preparing for:

• Higher education and/or employment – including exploring different employment options such as volunteering, enterprise activities and supported employment, alongside opportunities for paid employment and self-employment.

• Independent living – this means young people having choice, control and freedom over their lives and the support they have, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living.

• Community inclusion – having friends, participating in and contributing to the local community.

• Good health – being as healthy as possible, including physical health and mental well-being.

We recognise that preparing for adulthood should begin as early as possible to support pupils and families to have high aspirations for the future. Therefore, the curriculum at Discovery Special Academy is designed to develop skills for adulthood throughout all pathways in ways that are relevant to the stage of development of each pupil.

The table below shows some of the ways the preparing for adulthood themes are approached within the academy.

PfA Pathway Table
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