Academy Gallery 2021/2022

Morgan’s Class- Fun in the Classroom

Grace’s Class- Shot put in PE

Becky’s Class- Outdoor Fun

Leanne’s Class- Trip to Saltburn

Grace’s Class- Caring for Others

Hanna’s Class- PE

Cheryl’s Class- DT

Hanna’s Class- Trip to the Garden Centre

Grace’s Class- Nature’s World Visit Summer Term

Michelle’s Class- TVED Book Awards at MFC

Becky’s Class- Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Hanna’s Class- Trip to the Church

Cheryl’s Class- English

Michelle’s Class- Music with Chris

Hanna’s Class- Mark Making

Road Safety

Grace’ Class- Caring For Others

Hanna’s Class- Making a Salad

Cheryl’s Class- Trip to Sunshine Wood

Cheryl’s Class- Vegetable Printing

Jubilee Celebrations

Hanna’s Class- Preston Park

Becky’s Class- Trip to Soft Play

Numeracy Day

Michelle’s Class- Geography, Maps and Seasons

Grace’s Class- Trip to Saltburn

Leanne’s Class- Attention Autism

Michelle’s Class- Trip to Saltburn

Leanne’s Class- Fun in maths

Chris’ Class- Trip to Guisborough Woods

Leanne’s Class- Sensory Exploration

Hanna’s Class- PSHERE

Cheryl’s Class- Attention Autism

Grace’s Class-Science, Plants

The Bog Baby

Zahida’s Class- Eid

Grace’s Class- Garden Centre Visit

Hanna’s Class- Trip to Saltburn

Zahida’s Class- Science

Cheryl’s Class- Geography

Cheryl’s Class- New Sandpit

Hanna’s Class- Maps

Cheryl’s Class- Dough Disco

Grace’s Class- Weaving

Becky’s Class- Exploring Musical Instruments

Grace’s Class- PE, Bat and Balls

Hanna’s Class- History and DT

Zahida’s Class- Reading

Grace’s Class- Ramadan

Hanna’s Class- Weaving

Cheryl’s Class- Trip to Pendragon

Grace’s Class- Horse Riding

Hanna’s Class- Spring Science

James Webb Space Telescope Workshop

Zahida’s Class- Dance, Movement and Yoga

Becky’s Class- Edible Soil

Kind Hands

Becky’s Class- Flower Printing

Hanna’s Class- More, less and enough

Becky’s Class- Planting


Cheryl’s Class- Exploring Musical Instruments

Hanna’s Class- Letter Writing

Grace’s Class- Letter Writing

Zahida’s Class- Transport

Grace’s Class- Changing States

Hanna’s Class- Maths

Michelle’s Class- Trip to Preston Park

Grace’s Class- Holi

Nursery- Ducklings

Michelle’s Class- DT

Grace’s Class- Trip to Preston Park

Living Eggs

Zahida’s Class- Body Parts

Cheryl’s Class- DT Vehicles

Leanne’s Class- Therapy Dogs

Hanna’s Class- Pancake Day

Leanne’s Class- Trip to Pendragon

Zahida’s Class- RE

Nursery- Arts and Crafts

Olympic Winter Games- New Age Kurling

World Book Day

Chris’ Class- Trip to Tesco

Michelle’s Class- Maths and Science Measuring


Becky’s Class- We are Busy Bees

Becky’s Class- Sensory Room

Zahida’s Class- Staying Healthy

Becky’s Class- Sensory Play

The Junior Leadership Team

Cheryl’s Class- Music with Chris

Zahida’s Class- Doing some Writing!

Pupils voting for Favourite Book

Grace’s Class- Road Safety

Grace’s Class- PE, Gymnastics

Grace’s Class- Map of Middlesbrough

Chinese New Year

Pupils Voting for New Classroom Equipment

Michelle’s Class- Trip to Middlesbrough Library

Michelle’s Class-Road Safety

Grace’s Class- School Trip, Middlesbrough Now and Then

Grace’s Class- Looking After Our World

Grace’s Class- The Queen’s Hat

Michelle’s Class- Making Porridge

Cheryl’s Class-PSHERE

Grace’s Class- Computing

Leanne’s Class- Making Cakes

Zahida’s Class- The Tiger who Came to Tea

Cheryl’s Class- Maths

Michelle’s Class- Geography, Middlesbrough

Leanne’s Class- Soft Play and Sensory

Zahida’s Class- Trip to Stewart’s Park

Zahida’s Class- Attention Autism

Cheryl’s Class- Science

Leanne’s Class- A very busy Autumn Term

Nursery’s Christmas

Christmas Activities

Santa Visit

Zahida’s Class- Fun in DT

Zahida’s Class- Balancing

KS2 Winter Party


Christmas Jumper Day 2021

Snow Day

Cheryl’s Class- Shapes

Tree Dressing

Children in Need

Grace’s Class- Trip to Nature’s World

Anti-Bullying Week

Cheryl’s Class- Reading

Cheryl’s Class- Therapy Dogs

Grace’s Class- Geography, Maps

Grace’s Class- Maths, Capacity

Hanna’s Class- Trip to Stewart’s Park

Grace’s Class- Therapy Dog Visits

Hanna’s Class- Pumpkin Decorating

Remembrance Day

Zahida’s Class- History 2

Hanna’s Class- Making Clay

Zahida’s Class- Maths

Hanna’s Class- Firework Pictures

Zahida’s Class- Music

Zahida’s Class- PSHERE

Hanna’s Class- Judaism

Hanna’s Class- Geography, Maps

Grace’s Class- Diwali

Michelle’s Class- Therapy Dogs

Michelle’s Class- MFC Careers and Enterprise

Grace’s Class- DT Clay Work

Michelle’s Class- Science

Becky’s Class- Diwali Celebrations

Zahida’s Class- Therapy Dogs

Chris’s Class- Classroom Activities

Grace and Hanna’s Class- Autumn Celebration

Michelle’s Class- Choir

Hanna’s Class- Therapy Dogs

Zahida’s Class- Gross Motor Well-being

Grace’s Class-Maths, Shape

Grace’s Class- History, Mining Families

Grace’s Class- DT, Rain Gauge

Grace’s Class- Computing

Zahida’s Class- Maths

Zahida’s Class- History

Zahida’s Class- Geography

Zahida’s Class- English

Zahida’s Class- DT

Zahida’s Class- Attention Autism

Nursery-Outdoor Play

Becky’s Class- Soft Play

Zahida’s Class- Writing

Hanna’s Class-PSHERE

Zahida’s Class- Fine Motor Skills

Michelle’s Class- English

Hanna’s Class- Forest School

Hanna’s Class- Owl Babies

Becky’s Class- Mark Making

Michelle’s Class- Maths Autumn 1

Grace’s Class- PSHERE Independence and Responsibility

Hanna’s Class- Forest School

Michelle’s Class-English

Hanna’s Class- Exploring our new Classroom

Grace’s Class- PE

Michelle’s Class- Art

Hanna’s Class- Art, Colour Mixing

Grace’s Class- Art, Mondrian

Leanne’s Class- September 2021

Michelle’s Class- Visit to the Ironstone Museum

Chris’ Class- Play

Becky’s Class- Welcome to EYFS

Zahida’s Class- Eid

Zahida’s Class- Science

Zahida’s Class- Music

Zahida’s Class-PE

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