Tac Pac is used as part of our therapeutic curriculum. Tac Pac is a lovely sensory communication resource using music and touch to develop communication skills. It is of huge benefit to its receiver as it promotes their senses. It involves using a wide range of sensory resources such as fur, silk, chamois, feathers, sponges, paint/make up brushes or rollers and spatulas/sticks. The resources are used on the children’s torso, arms and hands only.

These resources are used in time to specific music, designed to reflect the texture of each object, so that the receiver experiences sensory alignment. The use of the spatula/sticks is to reflect a gentle tapping sensation in time to the music to help alert the receiver. Your child will be asked verbally if they would like to take part in the Tac Pac session before we start it.

If you would like more information about Tac Pac, please visit their website: https://tacpac.co.uk/.

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