During the second half of the autumn term our topic will be we will be looking at a range of events and celebrations!  We will be celebrating Diwali, looking at a range of lighting and visual sensory stimulus. We will explore the beautiful autumn season as well as preparing for the festive season.  We will be exploring new sensory and creative experiences linked to this wonderful time of year.

 We will be focusing on two stories over the course of the half term ‘Whatever Next’ and Dear Santa’. These are part of our communication and focus sessions, helping widen the pupil’s vocabulary and focus on the chronological events of the story. We will continue to work on sounds that we can recognise or make ourselves and where appropriate pupils will continue to progress through ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics phase 1. 

During our numeracy based sessions we will be focusing on number recognition and the value of numbers and amounts, learning new skills and embedding and our learning. We will also be working on expanding our mathematical vocabulary where appropriate and linking this to the world around us.

We will continue to work on our alternative augmented communication developing our use of symbols, signs and spoken word. We will endeavour to improve our independence and self-help skills learning about the world that is relevant to us.

Whatever Next

5 Green Bottles

Flour Mark Making

Bubble Art

Parachute Game

Informal group curriculum overview
Autumn 2 overview part 1
Autumn 2 overview part 2
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