In literacy we have been reading The Gingerbread Man and the children are really enjoying taking part in the key phrases of the story. The children are labelling and sequencing activities and following sets of instruction to make gingerbread men.

During maths the children are focusing on developing key maths skills such as counting, number recognition and learning about shape. During history we are learning about the concept of growing up, exploring the human life cycle and changes in appearance, needs and independence moving from baby to child to adult. In music we are using instruments to make different beats and learn how to play them quietly, loudly, fast and slowly.

The children are enjoying the weather and being outdoors.  During Physical Education sessions they are learning skills such as rolling and underarm/overarm throwing. In art the focus is on primary colours and doing paint mixing to make secondary colours, and the children are enjoying creating lots of beautiful art.

Year 1-2 Semi Formal Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
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