CEOMiss Katrina Morley
Executive HeadteacherMiss Jennifer Duncan
Head of AcademyMrs Ann Titchener
Deputy Head of AcademyMrs Cheryl Arkle
Assistant HeadteacherMrs Michelle Armour
Assistant HeadteacherMr Andy Smyth
Safeguarding, SEND and Inclusion ManagerMr Andrew Wilkinson
Safeguarding, SEND and Inclusion Officer Mrs Sian Lamb
Pupil and Family Support Advisor Mrs Donna Cattermole
Emotional Wellbeing and Behaviour HLTAMiss Tyler Sharp
Senior Academy Business Manager Mrs Carole Tonner
Level 2 AdministratorMrs Susan Chapman
Level 3 AdministratorMiss Hollie Walker
Office Administrator Ms Sally Keane
Trust Director of SEND and InclusionMrs Emma Lowe
Site Manager Mr Keith Harris
Skilled CaretakerMr Brian McInnes
CaretakerMr Kevin Tonner
Nursery TeacherMrs Rebecca Hill
Reception TeacherMiss Madeleine Piearcey
Reception TeacherMiss Hanna Kirk
Year 1Mr Dominic Wilson
Year 1/2 Teacher Miss Morgan Lean
Year 1/2 TeacherMrs Zahida Khan
Year 2/3 TeacherMiss Michelle South
Year 1/2/3 Teacher Mrs Kirsty Hetherington
Year 3/4 TeacherMiss Sophie Simpson
Year 3/4 TeacherMrs Lara Khan
Year 4/5/6 Teacher Miss Charlotte Etherington
Year 4/5 Teacher Miss Jenni Fydler
Year 5/6 TeacherMiss Clare Ruddock
Year 7/8 TeacherMiss Sarah Bonner
Year 7/8 TeacherMiss Kathryn Gaskin
Year 7/8 Teacher Miss Alex Morris
Intervention Teacher Mr David Wilson
HLTAMiss Mollie Macsween
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Beth Allen-Chandler
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Jessica Hudson
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Rebeka Olone
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Taylor Hebb
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Kendra Hawkins
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Terri Lodge
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Jackie Shearer
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Emma Burton
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Gabrielle Nixon
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Rebecca Nimmo
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMrs Tracy Grabham
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Isabel Jones
Level 3 Teaching AssistantMiss Charlotte Stobbs
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Chloe Richardson
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Chloe Belsham
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMr Anthony Sedgeman
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Rebecca Pinchbeck
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Sophie Hilton
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMrs Gemma Murphy
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Rahila Khan
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Sarah Foster
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMrs Louise Bruin
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Kelsey Sowerby
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Emma Brack
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Nuzhet Bashir
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Courtney Cole
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Kim Marley
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Olivia Flowerdew
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Zoe Barnes
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Kimberley Ealand
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMiss Joanne Keen
Level 2 Teaching AssistantMs Janine Windell
Care AssistantMiss Samantha Pearson
Care AssistantMrs Joanne Breeze
Care AssistantMrs Tanya Quinn
Care AssistantMiss Kayleigh McGee
Care AssistantMrs Lesley Turner
Care AssistantMiss Sophie McCormick
Care AssistantMs Angela Hough
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs Karen Earl
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Gemma Grafton
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Katie Downing
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Stacey Cockerill
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Zillie Huma
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Candice Lowe
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs Bethany Leach
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs Julie Innerd
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs Zahira Malik
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss Sarah Gowing
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