Our class texts this half term are The Bog Baby, by Jeanne Willis and The Selfish Crocodile, by Foustin Charle and Michael Terry. We will use these texts to support our love of reading and writing, which includes letter writing. We will also explore Kennings poetry. Our History and DT learning and knowledge will also be used to write about Henry Pease in History and how to make a salad in DT.  To continue developing our love of reading and books, we will continue to borrow books from the library to share at home. Our phonics work from Discovery Phase 1 and 2, will help us to sound talk words and/or write them too.

During our Maths lessons we will be focusing on a range of skills including, addition, subtraction, position and direction, measurement and shapes. We will be applying these skills throughout the school day to solve a wide range of problems in our everyday lives. We will also be applying these maths skills in other areas of learning, including Science and DT. We will continue our work on recognising numbers, counting objects and rote counting forwards and backwards.

In Science we will be exploring plants and growth, revisiting prior learning to understand what seeds and bulbs need to grow as well as learning names of common wild and garden plants. We will learn about how their features and how to categorise them. In History, we will be learning about Henry  Pease, the founder of Saltburn. This will also link to our previous Geography work on maps, weather and the coastline. In Geography, we will be focusing on the weather and seasons. As part of this we will explore weather charts. In Design and Technology, we will explore where our food comes from and how it is grown. Therefore, we will be designing an area to grow within. This links to our PSHERE in which we will explore a balanced diet. We will als explore growing up and the stages involved. 

In PE we are developing our kicking, throwing, rolling and bouncing while also practising athletics including throwing to targets. We will continue to change into our PE kits to help develop our independence in dressing, taking shoes on and off and fastening our clothes.

We will be exploring the story of feeding the 5000 in RE and the importance of caring for others. These topics give us the opportunity to explore kindness. In Art we will be decorating pebbles and stones with colour and pattern. Music will involve listening to songs to describe how they make us feel and doing performances. Computing will explore online safety to ensure that the website we are accessing are safe and reliable sources. We will explore researching specific things

The Bog Baby

Lost and Found

The Queen’s Hat

Trip to St Nicholas’ Church

Sofia Windfarm Project

Poetry- The Wind



Online Safety

KS2 Semi-Formal Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
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