This half term EYFS will be discovering all about ‘Celebrations’. We will be celebrating Remembrance Sunday, Diwali, Christmas and Birthdays.

We will also be exploring Autumn and the changing colours surrounding us.

We will be focusing on the stories ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ and Christmas stories including ’Dear Santa’.

Our daily speech and language sessions will focus on communication and we will be exploring our topic work through Attention Autism sessions.

We will also be learning number rhymes and songs.

We will continue to work on our use of picture exchange, developing our use of signs, symbols and spoken word.

We will also focus on developing our independence and self-help skills.

Number of the week- Number 3

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt



Jelly Play

How to make a Rainbow

Number of the Week- Number 4

5 Currant Buns

Mr Grumpy Story

Activities for Week 2
Activities for Week 1
EYFS curriculum overview
Autumn 2 overview - Celebrations
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