Welcome back. I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter holidays and have enjoyed the sunny weather.

This half term we will be learning and exploring, through sensory exploration, all about ‘Jungle and Zoo’ animals.

We will be discovering all about animals, naming and signing them and finding out about where they live. We will talk about looking after animals and being kind to them.

The stories we will be focusing on this half term are ‘Walking through the Jungle’, ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘In the jungle’. We will be learning the Makaton signs to go with each story and be able to join in with these in our daily story time.

We will learn to sing and sign ‘Down in the jungle’, ’Wind the bobbin up’ and ‘5 little speckled frogs’.

Our daily speech and language sessions will focus on communication and the rhyme ‘There’s a rumble in the jungle’ will be exploring rhythm and rhyme. We will be discovering all about our topic and stories through Attention Autism sessions.

We will continue to work on and develop our picture exchange, developing signs, symbols and spoken words.

We will also continue to focus on developing our independence and self-help skills throughout the term.

Down in the Jungle

Walking through the Jungle

The Hungry Caterpillar

Ness the Nurse

EYFS curriculum overview
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