In Autumn 1, we have lot of exciting learning opportunities happening!

Our subject areas are Art, DT, Science, History, Geography, RE, Computing, Music, PE and PSHERE.

In Science, we will be exploring materials, exploring the different types, their properties and how to manipulate them. We will also be exploring the changing of the season, learning which season we are moving into and what happens as that change occurs. In Geography, we will be learning about continents and oceans within the world as well as learning about the UK.

In Art, we are learning about Mondrian, exploring colour mixing and preparing lots of lovely art pieces for our Art display. The focus in Music is composition so we will be exploring making music with our bodies, instrument and voice, carefully composing these to do small group performances. In RE, we will be exploring Judaism and we will explore artefacts and enjoy engaging is a range of activites. DT will involve exploring observing and making rain catchers. We will also enjoy making a windmill in DT.

In History, we will be exploring the life on a mining family. Where appropriate, the children will go on a trip to explore the topic. We will explore mining artefacts and enjoy dressing up as a mining family. In Computing, we will be learning about algorithms, building and following these. In PSHERE, we will be learning how to be independent and responsible. We will allocate job roles, where appropriate, and practise these daily. In PE, we are focusing on further developing out throwing skills, practising these with a range of targets.

Our stories this half term are Owl Babies, The Magic Porridge Pot and The Snowman and the Snowdog. We will use these wonderful stories to help us develop our love for books and reading. We will use our creative skills to make related art pieces and help us to write about the stories. We will continue our work with Discovery Phase 1 Phonics, and where appropriate Read Write Inc. to help us learn how to read and spell words. We will also explore poems and will use text map to help up learn and tell our stories. During our Maths sessions, our focus on number skills will be to recognise numbers, count out the correct amount of objects to represent the numeral and to count forwards and backwards. We will use these skills in different contexts, whether at home or school, to develop our understanding of number in our everyday lives. Some of us will learn to add and take away objects and then count a new total. We will continue to explore 2d and 3d shapes all around us and make picture and models with them. We will also practise using small values of money to buy items from our shop/café

KS2 Semi-Formal Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
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