Look at what Cheryl’s Class have been doing this week!

This term we have been exploring different fruits. We have drawn them, tasted them and practised cutting them safely. This week we designed and made a fruit kebab. They were delicious.

Explorer of the Week

Louise’s Class- Everyone, for having the best morning at Pendragon

Becky’s Class- Zach, for fantastic talking and brilliant reading

Cheryl’s Class- Jacob, for welcoming new children into our group and taking care of them

Leanne’s Class- for being a fantastic listener on our trip to Saltburn

Zahida’s Class- Jahmiah, for doing super maths work

Grace’s Class- Charlie, for practicing new speech and language activities

Hanna’s Class- Sami, for being confident and caring

Morgan’s Class- Sihem, for beginning to write words and letters independently

Michelle’s Class- Harvey, for showing good manners towards adults and children

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