Look at what Zahida’s Class have been doing this week!

In PSHERE this week we were learning that being active is a healthy way to be.

Dates for Diaries

NHS Eye tests- Monday 28th February

Swimming- Monday 28th February

Leanne’s Class Trip to Pendragon- Tuesday 1st March

Explorer of the Week

Louise’s Class- Pearl, for using kind hands with Brenda the tortoise

Becky’s Class- Azaan, for no longer wearing nappies in school

Cheryl’s Class- Esme, for joining in different activities and following routines

Leanne’s Class- Otis, for fantastic attention and interaction with others

Zahida’s Class- Esssa, for using good listening skills

Grace’s Class- Everyone! for being gentle, confident and curious with the animals from Zoolab

Hanna’s Class- Mayley, for excellent engagement in phonics

Chris’s Class- Harry, for writing his number 1-5

Michelle’s Class- Amber, for showing good listening behaviour


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