Look at what Cheryl’s Class have been doing this week!

In nursery this week, we have been creative. We have practised using a glue stick to make a bee from one of our stories ‘That’s not my bee’ and painted our first nursery picture with paint brushes, sponges, hands and even toy trucks. All the children have settled in so well.

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Explorer of the Week

Cheryl’s Class- Noah, expressing his needs and wants

Becky’s Class- Aliya, for joining in circle time

Hanna’s Class- Todd, for joining in with class activities. Well Done Todd!

Leanne’s Class- Blake, for settling into the classroom routine brilliantly

Zahida’s Class- Mason, for settling in well coming and coming to school everyday

Morgan’s Class- Natan, for going to staff and requesting the toilet

Jenni’s Class- Jude, for joining in and making new friends

Michelle’s Class- Oliver, for trying new food everyday

Charlotte’s Class- Fabian, for interacting with new staff and engaging in daily activities

Sophie’s Class- Harvey, for trying really hard to complete all his independent activities

Andy’s Class- Alfie, for making everybody feel happy and looking out for their feelings

Grace’s Class- Charlie, for sharing his amazing ideas with the class during science


Attendance Letter
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