Take a look at what we have done over this year!

We donated food to food banks

We had a Winter Party

Our children learned all about Chinese New Year

We took part in environment day

And we went on lots of exciting trips!

We have had a great year and can’t wait until we are in our new build and can continue learning and exploring! We hope you all have a lovely summer!

Explorer of the Week

Louise’s Class- Vienna, for being happy all week and trying new foods

Becky’s Class- Miles, for fantastic reading

Cheryl’s Class- Elsie, for fantastic progress with her name writing, Well Done Elsie!

Leanne’s Class- River, for being independent in all his learning

Zahida’s Class- Everyone, for being fabulous all week

Grace’s Class- Everyone, for amazing e-safety work this week

Hanna’s Class- Zoya, for trying different foods at dinner time

Morgan’s Class- Furqan, for being amazing all week and reading his book

Michelle’s Class- Umayar, for showing skills and perseverance whilst swimming today


Start of term 2022-2023
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