Look at what Nursery have been doing this week

This week in nursery, we have been enjoying exploring our new outdoor area. We have been building with blocks, exploring musical instruments and throwing and catching the ball. In the classroom we have been learning about farm animals, we have been singing Old MacDonald and have been signing animal names. We have been exploring both wet and dry messy play, it’s been a fun week.

Explorer of the Week

Well done to all our Explorers this week

Becky’s class Alaiya for circle time-joining in with speech and language

Maddi’s class Izaak For trying really hard and making amazing progress with his speech and communication

Hanna’s class Amber For coming back from her holidays with such confidence and independence Dominic’s class Kenzie For his kind and gentle nature when handling the chicks

Morgan’s class Enas For beginning to use her words to communicate 

Zahida’s class Kody For being brave and sitting on a horse.

Lara’s class Mason For writing short paragraphs in narrative work using similies and adjectives. Kirsty’s class Natan For showing and recognising emotions and excellent communication. 

Jenni’s class Matthew For fantastic sentence writing and retelling of the class story

Clare’s class Izack For showing great improvement in his behaviour and working with adults to ensure he stays calm.

Michelle’s class Temidire Great work in phonics 

Sophie’s class Elijah For completing a maths activity every day this week. 

Alex’s class Aiden Fantastic positive attitude towards learning 

Kathryn’s class Thomas Excellence in every area, academic and social!

Sarah’s class Umayar For a positive attitude and trying hard in all his lessons this week.

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