Look at what Becky’s Class have been doing this week!

Welcome back, hope you have all had a lovely half term break. This week in Becky’s class we are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have been exploring paint, collage and printing. We have also been enjoying the rhyme , ‘If You’re Happy and you know it’ and have been sharing lots of stories for World Book Day. EYFS have been given a story pack to take home and share, with thanks from the book trust. We have had great fun in soft play too!

Dates for Diaries

Wednesday 8th March- NHS Opticians in school all day

Grace and Andy’s Class trip to the Dorman Museum

Thursday 9th March- Zahida’s Class Horse Riding

Friday 10th March- Coffee Afternoon PM

Explorer of the Week

Cheryl’s class- Toby, for interacting with adults.

Becky’s class- Harrison, for lovely reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hanna’s class- Vienna, for engaging with the ‘more’ sound button to request senosry toys. Well done!

Zahida’s Class- Alex, for being brave at his first session of horse riding

Grace’s class- Charlie, for carefully following safety rules when making a birdbox

Sophie’s class- Jaycee, for trying hard to learn her number bonds to 5.

Morgan’s class- Temidire, for beginning to say ‘good morning’.

Jenni’ class- Finley, for sharing nicely with his friends 

Michelle’s class- Jacob, for fantastic joining in with PE

Lara’s class- Victor, for joining in school routines and transitioning well

Charlotte’s class- David, for excellent maths work, counting and recognising numbers

Andy’s class- Kaylem, for fantastic effort building a bird box

David’s Class- Joey, for participating fully in World Book Dat and sharing books from home

Parent Zone with Middlesbrough Council

Keeping young people as safe as possible in respect to the online space is not an easy task so for any parent/carer so having suitable information and support can be vital when considering how to help a young person keep safe online.

Parent Zone Local working in partnership with Middlesbrough Council have produced a website platform for parents and carers to assist you with advice and guidance to help you support your young people to keep safe online and increase media literacy.

On the website you will also find resources and information on forthcoming interactive sessions for parents/carers with Parent Zone Local Coordinators on a variety of subjects


Fostering resilience in a young person , with assistance from trusted adults, can help them to thrive and flourish in online spaces and equip them with the skills to develop their own ways of protecting themselves against negative online experiences.

The basic principles of young people’s Digital Resilience are:

  • Understand – The  risks online and make informed decisions about their digital spaces
  • Know – Where to go and what to do and how to seek help
  • Learn and Adapt – individuals can reflect and learn from experiences and able to adapt their future choices
  • Recover – Individuals are equipped with the confidence to recover from trauma and trusted relationships can offer strategies to help aid recovery

Discussing online safety concerns and knowledge with your child is one of the best safeguards there is, it really does develop resilience and is shown to have impact in their positive online decisions.

As a minimum parents/carers should know where to go and what to do when something happens in an online space, the time to find out is not during crisis. To report exploitation or coercive behaviours online of any kind report to CEOP https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/ or contact police on 101.


A polite reminder to please sign up to our app Schoolcomms in which you can talk to the school via the app and pay for any school trips/school meals. Please see letter below.

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