Look at what Kirsty’s class have been doing this week!

Nursery children visited Newham Grange farm, they were all excited for the trip. First, we explored the discovery barn, we saw a sleeping big pig, a pony, baby lambs and guinea pigs called Lily and fudge. The lambs were just as excited to see the children as they were them, we fed them some food and stroked their soft fur. The children’s favourite part of the day was definitely seeing the guinea pigs and rabbits. We then went for a walk around the farm where we saw lots of bigger animals, the children recognised cows, horses, ducks, chickens and lamas. The children had lots of fun listening to the different animal sounds as they explored and enjoyed copying them, it was lovely to see they recognised so many animals.

All the excitement made the children hungry, we had our own room to sit and relax and eat lunch. After lunch the children went to play at the park, playing on the swings, slide and climbing frame.

The farm trip ends our topic this term of animals, the children have enjoyed making animals, completing animal themed maths & literacy activities and animal yoga. 

Explorer Of The Week

Cheryl’s Class – Toby, for engaging in interaction with adults

Becky’s Class – Harrison, for mark making on the whiteboards and in paint

Hanna’s Class – Kodi-Lee, for naming everyday objects. Well done! 

Kirsty’s Class – Lily, for taking turns and sharing with her friends, well done Lily

Zahida’s class – Mason, for using his big, brave voice

Grace’s class – Lexi-Mae, for excellent recount writing in English

Sophie’s class – Umayar, for adjusting well to wearing glasses for the first time

Morgan’s class – Grace, for beginning to use adjectives in her sentences

Jenni’ class – Morgan, for always being so helpful to both his friends and his teachers

Michelle’s class – Oliver, for an excellent piece of independent writing using descriptive language.

Lara’s class – Elsie, for being brave, kind and caring always

Charlotte’s class – Furqan, for excellent counting in maths

Andy’s class – Simrah, for amazing dancing for We Will Rock You

David’s Class – Kian, for fabulous use of symbolic communication in and out of school

Dates for Diaries

Thursday 8 June at 9.00am – Coffee Morning, would love for you to attend

End of Term

Have a lovely Break and see you on Monday 5 June!

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