Look at what Morgan’s Class have been doing this week!

This week in Morgan’s class the children have been exploring different types of transport with a particular focus on cars.  The children have enjoyed practising their fine and gross motor skills by threading laces through different vehicles, moving cars around a road, popping bubble wrap and painting their own hands to make a car! Outside the children have been practising their independent skills by washing their toys clothes (from class) and hanging them out to dry!  In cooking the children have been cutting spaghetti, rolling corn on the cob to make a spotty print on their vehicles and chopping apples to make boats!

Dates for Diaries

Wednesday 3rd May- Michelle and Sophie’s Class Visit to the Transporter Bridge PM

Thursday 4th May- Michelle and Sophie’s Class Visit to the Transporter Bridge PM

Friday 5th May- Y7 Carers Conference All Day

School Coronation Celebrations PM

Explorer of the Week

Cheryl’s Class- Enas, for exploring new areas.

Becky’s class- Isa, for having a fantastic week!

Hanna’s class- Todd, for amazing engagement and doing more focus independent activities in his new chair!

Kirsty’s class- Millie, for joining in with activities and doing them independently, well done 

Zahida’s class- Siham, for joining in counting to ten.

Grace’s class- Kimberley, for amazing creativity in art this week exploring and creating Pop Art

Sophie’s class- Amber, for wanting to develop her learning independently. 

Morgan’s class- Scarlett, for independently using the soundpad to request ‘more’

Jenni’ class- Mayley, for fantastic CVC writing and reading of the class text map.

Michelle’s class- Bella, for amazing effort in writing and labelling. 

Lara’s class- Jacob and Katie, for following adult instructions and good listening at all times.

Charlotte’s class- Hanim, for great attendance and engagement in class.

Andy’s class- Simrah, for fantastic work all week, particularly with maths and her fantastic prints in the Pop Art lessons!

David’s Class- Joey, for smooth transitions and lovely interactions

Bank Holidays

Just a reminder that we have Bank Holiday’s coming up in May. Monday 1st May and Monday 8th May. This means school will be closed on these dates.


Just a reminder to please sign up to our schoolcomms app. Please see letter below to find a guide on how to set up.

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