Look at what Hanna’s Class have been doing this week!

Hanna’s class enjoyed a trip to Saltburn this week as part of our History and Geography topics. We observed the Victorian buildings, cliff lifts and pier. The children enjoyed taking a walk along the promenade and pier before exploring the beach. We enjoyed digging in the sand and making sandcastles. This children also enjoyed an ice-cream. We were amazing when crossing roads and followed adult instructions well to keep ourselves safe while out in the community. This linked to previous learning about road safety in PSHERE. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos from the trip.

Explorer of the Week

Louise’s Class- Pearl, for doing good looking during attention autism

Becky’s Class- Halle, for making and eating a sandwich

Cheryl’s Class- Jack, for following now and next timetable to complete tasks.

Leanne’s Class- Grace, for good listening 

Zahida’s Class- Morgan, for trying hard in maths

Grace’s Class- Oliver, for telling the time

Hanna’s Class- Bella, for amazing talking with her friends this week. Well done!

Chris’ Class- Furqan, for making positive changes to his routine

Michelle’s Class- Holly, for having calm and caring play times

Dates for Diaries

Monday 9th May- Year 5 Swimming PM

Tuesday 10th May- Grace’s Class Horse Riding

Wednesday 11th May- Chris’ Class School trip

Thursday 12th May- Michelle’s Class School Trip

Friday 13th May- Hanna’s Class School Trip to Preston Park

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