Look at what Leanne’s Class has been doing this week!

Leanne’s Class have been exploring their brand-new environment and discovering their likes and dislikes of different activities and toys. Knowing what activities and toys motivate our children can be a great foundation to developing communication intent, by encouraging each child to request their favourite item/activity or to ask for “more”.  This can be taking an adult to the item they want, using gestures, pointing, looking, signing, vocalising,  exchanging symbols or saying the word.

Dates for Diaries

Thursday 6th October- Horse Riding for Jenni’s Class

Explorer of the Week

Cheryl’s Class- Izaak, for showing more confidence explorirng the different areas

Becky’s Class- Hunter, for trying new foods

Hanna’s Class- Joseph, for following instructions and engaging well in all of his learning! Well Done Joseph!

Leanne’s Class- Jax, for joining in with all the signs to our nursery rhyme of the week at group times

Zahida’s Class- Charlie, for taking part and trying hard in everything he does

Lara’s Class- Miles, for adapting well

Jenni’s Class- Sami, for having the confidence to have a a go at unfamiliar tasks!

Michelle’s Class- Mo, for beginning to communicate using gestures and sound

Sophie’s Class- Isla, for having the confidence to have a go at unfamiliar tasks. Well done Isla!

Andy’s Class- Maria, for engaging and being focused in all activites

Grace’s Class-Mohamad, for giving explainations and reason for his answers in maths


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