Look at what Hanna’s class have been doing this week!

Hanna’s class have had a lovely week enjoying lots of outdoor play which they thoroughly enjoy! They love exploring the water tray outside, practising a range of physical and mathematical skills including filling and emptying. We have also done some lovely spring art, decorating sheep for our spring display. As well as this, we have enjoyed a range of mark making activities in dry and wet textures. On Thursday, we participated in our cooking session. This week we made mini pizzas using shortcrust pastry. The children enjoyed helping to cut the pastry into circles, then spread tomato puree and cheese on top. They enjoyed exploring them once cooked. Some of us ate some and some smelt or licked to tops of their pizza which was absolutely amazing!! Well done to all the children in Hanna’s class for your fantastic work this week. We’re all very proud of your achievements.

Dates for Diaries

Tuesday 16th May- David’s Class Trip to Saltburn

Wednesday 17th May- Jenni’s and Zahida’s Class trip to Beamish

Thursday 18th May- Nature’s World walk to school week

Friday 19th May- Year 7’s out all day at a Career’s event

Explorer of the Week

Hanna’s class- Vienna, for an amazing week trying a variety of diffeent foods and requesting an apple! Well done! 

Kirsty’s class- Noah, for counting objects to 10

Zahida’s class- Charlie, for trying hard with his word pronunciation.

Grace’s class- Erin, for excellent teamwork during Youth Focus project

Sophie’s class- Benny and Isla, for managing in a different class and continuing with their work  

Jenni’ class- Jahmiah, for trying his best with his writing, and number mark making.

Lara’s class- Elsie, Katie, Amber, Lucia, Jacob, for paractising and performing in assembly

Michelle’s class- David, for working hard all week and the whole classs for accepting change and welcoming new children and staff into our class

Charlotte’s class- Jenson, for being a confident little super star! Using his voice.

Andy’s class- Aqsa, for fantastic work in Computing

David’s Class- River, for trying really hard to communicate his wants and needs using symbols.


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