In Kathryn’s class, we have been very creative with poetry and magic! We found a winter wonderland of play in our classroom when we arrived at school. We played at building snowmen and towers, made our own snow, created a winter web and even snowballed each other! We made so much magic in our classroom that it actually started to snow outside!

We went into our outdoor area and felt the snowflakes on our faces. It was amazing!

When we came back to the classroom we were buzzing with ideas! Some people wrote their ideas on the whiteboard straight away and others wrote snowy magic words on the paper roll across the floor. We had so many ideas that we wanted to write our poems inspired by Kit Wright’s The Magic Box straight away.

Here are a few of our magical poems:

I will put in the pink box,

A naughty little elf,

Happy white snowman,

Pink, fluffy, candy corn teddy, Popcorn!

AG – Year 7

I will put in the box:

Shiny icy snowflakes,

A majestic snowball game,

Glowing lights and hot chocolate.

I will put in the box:

A pink folder full of special secrets,

Creative colouring pictures,

A purple notebook.

ZN – Year 7

I will put in the box:

The jolly smile from a frosty snowman with an orange crunchy carrot as a nose.

The whirling, twirling, spinning blizzard from a heavy snowstorm.

The laughter from a fierce snowball fight.

My box is fashioned from:

The silky fur from a mighty lion’s mane.

The red-hot sand from a deserted island.

The boiling fire from a dragon’s nostrils.

I will sledge in my box,

In the refreshing air of a holiday,

With the excitement of opening presents on Christmas day,

In the waves of the salty sea.

Explorer of the Week

Well done to our explorers this week.

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