Look at what Clare’s class have been doing this week

999 calls

Clare’s class have been finding out about how to deal with an emergency. They learnt how to make a 999 call and which emergency services might be involved. The children thought about how to deal with minor injuries and role-played how to treat injuries using different bandages. They understood the need to stay calm in an emergency.

Food Art

We have been learning about food art, focussing on the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We have been painting with a range of food-based dyes and paints including red cabbage, beetroot, spinach, tumeric, paprika and coffee. We were surprised at the range of strong colours we could make with food. Arcimboldo painted pictures of people made from different foods. We used both pictures of fruit and also real fruit and vegetables to create our own food faces.

We also have something special for after the Easter holidays


Some of our secondary pupils were lucky enough to visit London last week. Whilst there we visited the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Shrek Adventure Land, Harry Potter Studios and watched a show at the theatre. One of the highlights for all involved was having the opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall as part of Prompraise 24. It was a fantastic week and the children made us incredibly proud. 

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Explorer of the Week

Becky’s class Luna Fantastic colour sorting

Maddi’s class Jessica For settling in so well and joining in with activities!

Hanna’s class Frankie For fantastic signing

Dominic’s class Lilly For her engagement in ‘Who’s got the hat on?’

Morgan’s class Vienna For always greeting staff with a gorgeous smile and positive attitude!

Zahida’s class Kodi Lee For fantastic oral blending

Charlotte’s class Whole Class For being excellent on the minibus and inside Butterfly World! So proud! Lara’s class Finley Leach Retaining focus for longer periods of time and trying new foods at lunchtime. Kirsty’s class Jack For staying focused on a task for a longer periods 

Jenni’s class Essa Brilliant work in maths learning new skills.

Clare’s class Sammi For always using his listening ears and doing the right thing.

Michelle’s class Grace Smith For good sharing with the ICT equipment. 

Sophie’s class River For working on sharing with others. 

Sarah’s class Jaycee For fantastic sentence writing about her chocolate bar

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