TVCA SEND Enterprise Challenge Week

Year 7 took part in the TVCA SEND Enterprise Challenge Week. We took part in lots of challenges that allowed us to practice and show our teamwork skills, creative skills and enterprise skills. We were challenged to make a vehicle using recycled materials and produce a presentation about the importance of sustainability. We attended a celebration event at The Arc where we were awarded The Most Enthusiastic Group award.

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Year 7 DT Project

As their DT project this term, Year 7 have been making bird boxes.  They have demonstrated a range of functional and practical skills in this endeavour, learning to sort parts, identify different lengths of nail, use a hammer safely and follow instructions accurately.  Not only that, but they have produced a useful resource that we are going to put up in our wooded area to attract birds and encourage nature.

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter Text Map

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter

STEM Event

Students in Year 7 took part in a really exciting STEM event.  They began their day by learning about our area and future careers planned in the energy sector.  They then moved on to preparing cars to be powered by hydrogen – they carefully followed a set of instructions to put the right amount of water into the car and then connect the fluid pipes to the right place.  They then wired the car up to a solar panel and learned that, through electrolysis, the water could be split into oxygen and hydrogen – hydrogen would then be the fuel that powered the car!  The results were spectacular, with some of the cars running for more than 5 minutes!

On top of all this, the students also became energy engineers and planned and built their own working model of a wind farm, carefully considering the financial and ethical implications of different routes for their cables. Their teamwork and communication skills were fantastic and each group listened carefully to all its members before making their final decisions.

Sustainable City

Young Voices

After months and months of practice, preparation and dedication, students from Year 7 took part in the Young Voices event.  They gave their all and had a fantastic evening singing with over 5000 other choir members, some well-known stars and some up and coming artists.  They performed in front of a massive audience and acquitted themselves perfectly, despite the pressure and the pre-performance nerves.

Well done to everyone involved, students who took part in all the practices, students who could make it to the performance – you all did a lot ‘to make us feel proud’.

How Fossils are Formed Text Map

Chinese New Year 2023

Dear Dinosaur

Where the Forest Meets the Sea Text Map

Where the Forest Meets the Sea

The Grinch

How to Wash your Hands Text Map

The Tempest Part 1

The Tempest

Voices in the Park

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