Look at what Andy’s Class have been doing this week!

This week, Andy’s class have been studying history and learning about the Stone Age.  They have read about what life was like thousands of years ago – where people lived, what they ate and how they went about their daily life.  They also used their skills to make beads, ready to create jewellery, and pots from clay – just like our Stone Age ancestors would have done!

In maths we have been learning about money and the different coins we can spend: in English we have been learning about the differences between fiction and non-fiction and fact and opinion, in preparation for writing a report.

Everyone has worked really hard and they have produced some fantastic work.

Dates for Dairies

Monday 10th October- Sophie and Michelle’s Classes Stay and Share Sessions

Tuesday 11th October- Laraib’s Class Stay and Share Session

Wednesday 12th October- Charlotte’s Class Stay and Share

Grace and Andy’s Classes Stay and Share Sessions

Friday 14th October- Jenni’s Class Stay and Share Session

Lunch Menu

This week it is Week 3

Explorer of the Week

Cheryl’s Class- Amber, for increasing independence in play within the areas and with her walking. Well done!

Becky’s Class- Isa, for fantastic reading, reading our book Brown Bear

Leanne’s Class- Joey, for coming and sitting in with our attention autism session.

Lara’s Class- Amber, for following routines and supporting other children and adults inside and outside the classroom.

Jenni’s Class- Mayley, for fantastic use of questions- asking and answering them.

Michelle’s Class- Izack, for amazing work on fiction and non fiction boos

Sophie’s Class- Amber, for trying really hard with her letter sounds

Andy’s Class- Matthew, for trying hard all week

Grace’s Class- Byron, for being courageous during messy activites


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