Look at what Grace’s Class have been doing this week!

This week Grace’s class went on a visit to Preston Park Museum. We saw lots of interesting and unusual objects from the past. We enjoyed exploring the Victorian Street – especially the Drapers where we got to try on hats, cap, waistcoats and pinafores!

Dates for Diaries

Monday 21st March- Year 5 Swimming

Friday 25th March- Grace’s Class, Local walk

Explorer of the week

Louise’s Class- Noah, for being brave saying hello to the ducklings

Becky’s Class- Josh, for great signing!

Cheryl’s Class- Jacob, Fantastic sharing with others in his class

Chris’ Class- Archie, for being brave when he was ill and following simple instructions

Leanne’s Class- Abdul, for settling back into class really well

Zahida’s Class- Zaki, for working really hard with sounding out his words

Hanna’s Class- Zoya, for being a lovely and caring friend

Grace’s Class- Harry, Super Scientist! Being curious and courageous during science week

Michelle’s Class- Lloyd, for using his imagination to create a story

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